Eugenio Pedulla

Prof. Eugenio Pedulla

Dr. Eugenio Pedullà graduated with honors in dentistry from the University of Catania, Italy, in 2003. He obtained his PhD at the same university in 2007 and a master’s degree at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, in 2008. He is currently a researcher and a clinical instructor in operative dentistry and endodontics at the University of Catania. Pedullà is also in private practice in Catania, specializing in endodontics and operative dentistry. Pedullà is the author of a number of articles on NiTi instruments and endodontics published in international (including the Journal of Endodontics and International Endodontic Journal) and national journals (Dental Cadmos and Giornale Italiano di Endodonzia), and has spoken at national and international conferences. He is a member of several dental societies.