Daniel Černý

Dr. Daniel Černý

Radek Mounajjed

Dr. Radek Mounajjed

Roberto Cristian Cristescu

Dr. Roberto Cristian Cristescu

Gianluca Plotino

Dr. Gianluca Plotino

Catherine Ricci

Dr. Catherine Ricci

Igor Tsesis

Dr. Igor Tsesis

Jaime Silberman

Dr. Jaime Silberman

Matthias Zehnder

Prof. Matthias Zehnder

Meetu Ralli Kohli

Dr. Meetu Ralli Kohli

Francesc Abella

Dr. Francesc Abella

Maxim Belograd

Dr. Maxim Belograd

Gianluca Gambarini

Prof. Gianluca Gambarini

Hugo Sousa Dias

Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias

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Testimonials from previous events

You will also love ROOTS SUMMIT

I took part in a ROOTS SUMMIT for the first time this year and it was really exciting. It was nice to refresh some of my knowledge and to get to know new topics, especially evidence-based knowledge. I think I will definitely be coming back.

Ilona Budnikova General Dentist, Denmark

I think the congress is great. In particular, I like that it is about thinking outside the box. It is also obvious that globalization cannot be stopped. At other meetings I visited in the past, people only spoke English or German, but here you can hear almost every language in the world. My wife already regretted not coming. Next time, we’ll attend together.

Cornelius Feitl General Dentist, Germany

I really enjoyed the ROOTS SUMMIT, because I met a lot of doctors and professors from different countries. I learned a lot about new trends, ideas and mechanical preparation with different rotary files. I benefited a lot from the instructions. I already recommended the event to other people and I am really looking forward to the next edition.

Mohamed Hamdi Abdelaziz Hamimi Morsi Endodontist, Egypt

ROOTS SUMMIT 2018 in Berlin was a success and we can't wait to make ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 an even bigger hit!