Eugenides Foundation

In 1954 Eugene Eugenides founded through his will the Eugenides Foundation, whose sole purpose was to ‘contribute to the education of young people of Greek nationality in the scientific and technical fields’.Therefore the location is the perfect place to hold 2024 ROOTS SUMMIT. 2 big Lecture halls and 2 floors for exhibition areas assure enough space to showcase, gettogether, educate and meet again after two years.


When attending ROOTS SUMMIT you´ll be able to attend a private and exclusive journey through the locations Planetarium. The  Milky Way is a vast agglomeration containing hundreds of billions of stars and planets and enormous amounts of gas and dust, within which new stars are born. However, no one star is exactly the same as another. In other words, each star has different physical traits, and their evolution and eventual demise are determined by their initial mass. So, how do stars form? How will the Sun die? What are supernova explosions, neutron stars, pulsars, and black holes? How did we discover the massive black hole lurking in the Milky Way center? Our voyage among the stars in the Galaxy is about to begin…