Radek Mounajjed

Dr. Radek Mounajjed

Dr. Radek Mounajjed graduated from the Damascus University Faculty of Dentistry, Syria, in 1994. He then completed his residency in general dentistry in 1997 and in prosthodontics in 2000, respectively. He completed his PhD in 2004 at the Charles University Faculty of Medicine, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. Mounajjed has been working at the multidisciplinary D.C.M clinic in Hradec Králové as a full-time prosthodontist since 2001, and at Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic, as an external teacher since 2012.

Mounajjed is the author of many publications and book chapters. He has presented more than 150 talks, both nationally and internationally, and has been invited to speak at Harvard University and Mayo Clinic, both U.S.

On top of that, Mounajjed is the co-founder of HDVI, an accredited dental continuing education center in the Czech Republic. He is also a fellow of the Academy of Prosthodontics in the U.S. and International College of Prosthodontists. Outside of dentistry, he enjoys building and flying radio-controlled model airplanes.