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… to four days of interaction, the latest trends and innovations, high-end live education and inspiring discussions on the topic of endodontics!


ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 is certain to be an even more resounding success than the last few extremely successful events. More than 500 expected participants from all over the world will have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops held by leading clinical and scientific experts. The congress thus offers dental professionals an unparalleled platform of high-level, clinically significant scientific education. ROOTS SUMMIT 2018 welcomed participants from 50 different countries, and 2020 is shaping up to be even bigger.

We want you to spend time with the participants, so we have scheduled the following times when catering will be provided on the exhibition floor:

  • Two 45-minute coffee breaks per day
  • Daily 60-minute lunch breaks
  • Welcome Reception on May 22

In addition to the scientific program during the main congress, ROOTS SUMMIT offers a number of pre-congress workshops that will update participants on the most current treatment options and concepts, innovative techniques, and state-of-the-art methods, techniques and clinical tips in endodontics.

We are pleased to have you as a sponsor on-site. In addition to one of the most respected scientific programs in endodontics, ROOTS SUMMIT offers dental product manufacturers the opportunity for professional and personal engagement with key opinion leaders and top-level endodontics professionals from around the world. Many of you have already developed long-term working and customer relationships over years of attending ROOTS SUMMIT.

Thank you for joining us!


Facebook has been an amazing catalyst for bringing endodontists and general dentists together, intellectually and scientifically, while in pursuit of improved patient outcomes. However, being together with people of shared interest, passion, dedication and ethics is where the magic really happens, the strongest connections are made and the true community of ROOTS SUMMIT is best experienced.

From the late 1990s, our mission has been to be an open and inclusive global learning forum accessible to anyone involved in any aspect of the practice of endodontic therapy. In this spirit, we invite you to join us in Prague from May 21 to 24, 2020.




DR. DAVID E. JARAMILLOScientific Chairman


Root Education
1037 East Chalynn Ave
Orange, Calif. 92866, USA

Dental Tribune International GmbH
Holbeinstr. 29
04229 Leipzig, Germany

Na Strži 2097/63, 140 00 Prague 4,
Czech Republic



Sarah Schubert
Email: s.schubert@dental-tribune.com
Phone: +49 341 4847 4109 / +49 172 764 2348

Stephen Jones
Email: endoguyk3@gmail.com
Phone: +1 714 747 6369


Vít Gilánik
Email: gilanik@cubexcentrum.cz
Phone: +420 725 986 587

Monika Kovandová
Email: kovandova@cubexcentrum.cz
Phone: +420 607 040 828


Školská 33/3
250 92 Šestajovice
Czech Republic

Linda Škarková
Senior Account Manager
Email: linda.skarkova@exposale.cz
Phone: +420 777 725 129

Vladimir Škarka
Email: vlada.skarka@exposale.cz
Phone: +420 277 278 411


Sponsors must return signed continuing education documents. These will have been sent to the sponsor separately. Please send to sponsorship@roots-summit.com.

Sponsors must submit completed on-site staff information forms (Appendix 1). Please send to sponsorship@roots-summit.com.

Sponsors can order assistance on booth design and additional furniture.

Please contact:
EXPOSALE-CZ s.r.o., Školská 33/3, 250 92 Šestajovice, Czech Republic, www.exposale.eu


Hands-on course rooms: May 20, 4:00 p.m.*
Booth setup: May 21, 12:00 p.m.*

Friday, May 22: 8:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.*
Saturday, May 23: 8:00 a.m.–6:30 p.m.*
Sunday, May 24: 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.*

Sunday, May 24: 4:00 p.m.*


The Cubex Centre Prague is a multipurpose center in the Trimaran building in Pankrác, the fourth district of Prague. The location provides ideal accessibility via public transport. It is two subway stops away from the historic city center, and a growing infrastructure in the surrounding area creates sufficient capacity for accommodation as well as parking. The neighboring Arkády Pankrác shopping mall offers a variety of shops and restaurants.

The main hall, with a capacity of 1,000 people, can be divided into three separate rooms by soundproof partitions and is complemented by smaller halls and lounges, creating a total capacity for accommodating 1,200 people. The extensive foyers can be also used for events. The largest of them has an impressive 102 m2 projection screen, onto which any chosen content can be projected.

An aspect unique to the center is its lighting system, appropriately named the Chameleon Concept. This allows personalization of the entire center with colors selected according to the client’s needs.

The Cubex Centre Prague offers a total of 3,700 m2 of space for various types of events. However, this area can be further increased by connection with the neighboring City Conference Center, which has another three halls, five other sections and two foyers with a total area of 1,000 m2 and the capacity to seat 470 people.


Standard Booth West Foyer & East Foyer: 1.5m x 2.5m | Standard Booth South Foyer: 1m x 2m | Bronze Booth: 3m x 3m | Silver Booth: 4m x 5m | Gold Booth: 6m x 6m


Na Strži 2097/63, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic | Phone: +420 728 709 000 / www.cubexcentrum.cz/eng



Organizing accommodation can be stressful. But that does not necessarily have to be the case—especially since the four-star Panorama Hotel Prague has created special room rates for ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 attendees! Located right next to the Cubex Centre Prague, the hotel is less than a 5-minute walk away from the event venue and has great access to public transport that will take you right to the city center. It offers all the comforts and services of an international first-class hotel, while being excellent value for money. Features include a deluxe American breakfast buffet, a restaurant that offers à la carte dinners, a fitness studio, a wellness area and a rooftop pool with a panoramic view over Prague. If you would like to take advantage of the ROOTS SUMMIT room discount at Panorama Hotel Prague, please visit our website www.roots-summit.com—clicking the button under “ACCOMMODATION & CITY GUIDE” on the menu will link you to the booking page.


Two coffee breaks will be held every day from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m. and from 3:00 to 3:45 p.m. Additionally, there will be daily lunch breaks from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the catering areas on the exhibition floor.


The exhibitor is responsible for removing all waste from the booth area and Cubex exhibition spaces. Any waste (including promo materials) that remains in the space before, during or after the exhibition will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense. Standard clean-up of municipal waste (not e.g. waste from building booths, non-standard packing material, etc.) in the shared hallways is included in the space rental price.


The Cubex Centre Prague offers technical equipment on a rental basis, i.e. displays or notebooks, including on-site support and replacement devices. For more information, please contact the venue directly. Equipment required for booths should be requested by May 1, 2020, at the latest. For special enquiries, please contact Exposale at linda.skarkova@exposale.cz.


If you plan to send your equipment and goods to the Cubex Centre Prague via a logistics company, the venue organizer recommends the following service:

Kongresové Centrum Praha
Phone: +420 602 311950 | +420 724 328 380

All shipping by you as a sponsor is subject to the logistics company’s terms and conditions. ROOTS SUMMIT will not be held liable for any damaged, lost or stolen goods. Insuring the shipped goods against loss and/or damage is in the sponsor’s own interest and has to be paid for by the sponsor.

Small Shipments (courier, air shipments etc.):

Kongresové Centrum Praha
5.května 65
140 21 Praha 4
c/o Pavel Beck | Monika Vesela
Phone: +420 602 311950 | +420 724 328 380

13.5 LDM trucks/lorries:
CUBEX Centrum Praha
Na Strži 63
140 00 Praha 4
c/o BECKSPEDITION Pavel Beck | Monika Veselá
Phone: +420 602 311950 | +420 724 328380


Sponsors may leave their goods at the event overnight at their own risk. ROOTS SUMMIT will not be held liable for any damaged, lost or stolen goods. Goods may not be stored at the venue after the event has finished and goods left may be destroyed.


Sponsors are allowed to use the ROOTS SUMMIT logo on their company websites, on common social media platforms and in brochures, mailings, newsletters or other marketing materials for advertising related to the event only. However, please inform the organizer if advertising activities are in place.

We are happy to provide you with our logo. Please contact us at sponsorship@roots-summit.com.


Wireless internet will be available throughout the event free of charge.



All registered sponsors and booth staff will receive badges displaying their names and the name of the exhibiting company. This badge entitles the sponsor and booth staff to attend the main scientific congress and to receive on-site catering during the official coffee breaks and at the welcome reception.

Please complete the staff information form (see Appendix 1), ensuring correct and up-to-date information about your booth staff, and return it to sponsorship@roots-summit.com by May 1, 2020.

Sponsor badges will be handed out at the congress. Please make sure that you have your badges with you for the whole duration of the event. Entrance is only permitted with a valid pass.


Additional guest passes for nonsponsors are available for €400 each. The sponsor packages include the following number of guest passes:
Gold: six staff members, ten guests
Silver: four staff members
Bronze: four staff members.

Please complete the guest pass information form (see Appendix 2), ensuring correct and up-to-date information about your guests, and return it to sponsorship@roots-summit.com by Friday, May 1, 2020.

Guest pass holders are entitled to access the main program of the event. Guest passes are not valid for hands-on courses and passes for these have to be purchased separately.


Additional passes for staff members and exhibitors can be purchased separately. The conference package includes access to the exhibition floor as well as the provision of snacks and drinks during the coffee breaks.

The following passes are available:
single-day pass: €70
three-day pass: €200.

Please contact sponsorship@roots-summit.com for queries.


On May 23, we would like to welcome all sponsors and participants to our SUMMIT Party at Pivovar Marina Brewery & Restaurant with music by Turning Tables BG, led by ROOTS favorite, DJ DOC ONE, Bojidar Kafelov.

Tickets are 50€ per person and can be ordered via the Apendix and include buffet as well as unlimited beer, wine, or soft drinks.


The Cubex Centre offers a wide variety of additional stand equipment, i.e. furniture and technical equipment, as well as additional event-related services to personalize your booth. For further information and to place your order, please contact the official booth builder through the contact details.



No vehicles can park on the Cubex premises. The delivery route is meant for loading and unloading only (30min max), it is not permitted to park the unloaded vehicle.

Freight vehicles that do not exceed the below limits can unload on the delivery route.
Height: unlimited
Width: 3m max
Length: 10m max
Total weight incl. freight: 16t max, axle weight 12t
Height of building entrance to freight elevator: 3.3m max

Cars can be parked at the parking lot at Arkády Pankrác shopping center, which offers over 1000 parking spots for a fee of CZK 40 per hour.
More information can be found at https://www.arkady-pankrac.cz/en/center/directionsparking/directionsparking/

Semi-trailers cannot enter the premises. Cargo transport with smaller vehicles needs to be arranged with a logistic company.

To enter the city center with a truck it is necessary to purchase a special permit. The permit can be arranged at:
Prague City Hall (Magistrat hl. města Prahy)|Jungmannova 35/29, Prague 1|T: +420 236 004 486

Please be aware that it takes three weeks to process the permit request.



The booths should have no more than one back wall. No shell scheme booths or solid constructions with two walls or more are allowed.

No booth should exceed a height of 2.6 m.

Sponsors are limited to their allocated booth spaces. No form of advertisement, promotion or furniture is allowed to exceed the sponsor’s space or to be placed in the passageways at any point. Brochures, catalogues or giveaways are to be distributed by the sponsors at their own booths only. Each booth must be self-supporting and may not be attached to the ceiling, floor, railing or columns of the exhibition stand. Using the ceiling, floor, railing and columns as support for the stand is prohibited. Because of fire safety regulations, the construction of stand ceilings is not permitted. Any attaching and leaning of advertising material on walls, columns or other objects of the congress venue is not permitted. The sponsor will be held liable for violating these conditions. Fire detectors, hydrants, telephones, electric distributors, control panels and plugs must remain accessible. The use of open fires, spirits, heating oil or petrol is prohibited at any time. The congress management reserves the right to remove booth stands and equipment that are not in line with the regulations. The sponsor may only use the booth allocated to itself; the complete or partial sublet or transfer of the booth to another company (subtenant) must be approved by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to terminate a sponsor’s contract without further notice and to remove the booth at the sponsor’s own expense if this regulation is violated. The organizer is authorized to increase the price for the booth or to add a subtenant fee/penalty. The sponsor is liable for all damages and is not entitled to claim for compensation.

Ceiling height at exhibition space: 2.6 m
Floor: Vinyl
Carrying capacity of floor: 400 kg / m2
Electrification system and voltage: 3+N+PE, TN-C-S, 230/400V, 50Hz

The elevator leads to the western foyer. Exhibits with a maximum width of 130 cm can be transported to the eastern and southern foyer. The freight elevator at Cubex is operated solely by trained Cubex employees. Exhibition organizers and exhibitors are in no way authorized to operate the elevators.

Capacity 4.500 kg
Width 230 cm
Height 210 cm
Depth 580 cm


Escape routes and emergency exits, emergency lighting installations, fire extinguishing systems and fire alarms may not be blocked by standing or hanging objects at any time.


All persons present in the building are obliged to act so as not to cause fire, including (without limitation) when using heating, electrical or other devices, in storing and using flammable or fire-prone substances and when using an open fire. All persons shall comply with the operating rules and all other instructions given by Cubex Centrum Praha. At relevant designated places within the building, all persons shall comply with the fire-protection orders and prohibitions stipulated for the given place. No person may smoke or use open fire within the building except for premises designated for such activities. When leaving the building, every person must leave its workplace or place of its activities, as applicable, in a state preventing the occurrence of a fire. Every person is obliged to comply with orders (whether written or oral) issued by Cubex Centrum Praha and/or other responsible person/responsible fire-protection officer in connection with fire protection measures within the building. A person shall notify the Cubex Centrum Praha responsible person and/or another responsible persons/responsible fire-protection officer without delay of any and all defects in the Cubex Centrum Praha and/or the building affecting fire protection within the Cubex Centrum Praha and/or the building.

Persons present in the building may not:

  • Consciously and without reason, call a fire-fighting unit and/or misuse any emergency telephone line
  • Perform work that could cause a fire unless they have the professional qualification required by the special legal regulations for carrying out such work
  • Damage, misuse or otherwise prevent the use of fire extinguishers or other fire-protection devices and fire-safety equipment
  • Restrict or prevent the use of designated access areas and/or access roads for fire-fighting equipment and/or escape routes/emergency exits in/from the building
  • Conditions for placement of textiles and/or upholstered furniture in the premises of the Cubex Centrum Praha

The following rules must be followed if any textiles and/or upholstered furniture are to be placed in the premises of the Cubex Centrum Praha by the exhibitors

  • Any installed textile curtains or draperies must have flammability indicator higher than 20 seconds pursuant to the relevant technical standards
  • Any upholstery materials/upholstered furniture used must meet the requirements set out by the applicable technical standards in terms of flammability.

Specific requirements for sales and exhibition stalls and the associated equipment placed by the client or its contractors in the relevant part of the premises of the Cubex Centrum Praha:

  • The stalls frames must be DP1 - non-flammable
  • The stalls roofs must be permeable for the use of fixed fire-extinguishing equipment and electronic sprinkler system
  • The stalls roofs or any presentation tables/walls must not hinder the functioning of sprinklers placed in the ceilings or block inlet of air into the rooms and/or hinder the proper opening of windows
  • Any stalls/tables/walls must be located to allow sufficient room for safe evacuation from the Cubex Centrum Praha in case of fire and/or other extraordinary events


  • The following items must not be sold and/or exhibited at any sales and/or exhibition stalls: flammable liquids, fireworks, corrosive or highly oxidizing substances, explosives
  • All interior equipment (including decorations, advertisement boards, etc.) must comply with the requirements of reduced flammability pursuant to the applicable technical standards
  • Any other items intended for interior and made of wood, composite wood, plastic, paper, cardboard or tar paper are considered suitable if falling in fire reaction classes A1 to D
  • Any interior equipment/items containing any products falling in fire reaction classes B to D must be treated with flammability-reduction agents


If the exhibitor fails to respect the fire and safety rules, the Cubex fire and safety technician may decide to close the booth. In that case, Cubex refuses to bear any liability for the exhibitor’s potential losses.


Fire prevention devices and A/C sensors may not be covered. For atypical booths, technical drawings describing the structure and materials used must be submitted to Cubex, potentially with a statement from a structural engineer. For exhibition booths and exhibits that include their own wiring, a valid inspection report will be required before connecting to the Cubex power distribution network. The maximum permitted floor load in the Cubex premises is 400 kg/m2. Transport of material into the exhibition space is only permitted using silicone-pallet carts operated by authorized Cubex employees. The use of own forklifts in the exhibition space inside the building is not permitted. Drilling, screwing or nailing into walls, ceilings or columns in the exhibition space is not permitted. Work causing small flammable waste (shavings, sawdust, etc.) may be permitted by the Cubex fire and safety technician given that machines and tools used to meet the necessary safety regulations. Making any structural modifications to the space without the prior consent of Cubex is not permitted. All rented equipment and spaces, including floors, columns, walls, etc. must be returned in the original undamaged condition following the event. In the case of any damage to Cubex property, the damages shall be charged to the exhibitor.


The sponsor shall fully vacate its allocated booth space at the end of the event, returning it in its original condition. Any alterations or damages to the property that the sponsor is unable to restore or remedy shall be reported to the Cubex Centre Prague. The Cubex Centre Prague is entitled to demand deposit of collateral for the restoration of the alteration or the repair of the damage. Dismantling may only be executed within the designated areas and times.


Equipment and all related display materials installed by the sponsor are not insured by the organizer. The organizer will under no circumstances be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or destruction caused to equipment, goods or property belonging to the sponsor and/or booth staff.

The sponsor undertakes to subscribe to a third-party liability insurance policy covering any damages caused to third parties on account of its own liability (including that of its employees, contributors and casual employees of any kind). The organizer is deemed not to be liable, in particular concerning any theft, loss or damages whatsoever of the aforementioned material.

The sponsor agrees to be responsible for its property and staff, as well as for the property and staff of its employees and agents, and for any third party who may visit the sponsor’s booth space through full and comprehensive insurance. The sponsor agrees to hold the organizer blameless for any and all damage claims arising from theft and those perils usually covered by a fire and extended-coverage policy.

The sponsor must take out civil liability insurance and loss coverage for the goods belonging to the sponsor or conferred upon the sponsor. The loss insurance should include a renunciation of any legal action against the organizer and its insurers.

The supervision and surveillance of the booth and all personal items is the sponsor’s responsibility at all times, including during setup, exhibition hours and dismantling.

The sponsor must also ensure to lock away valuable and portable goods outside of the exhibition hours.

The sponsor indemnifies the organizer against all event-related claims on matters out of the control of both the organizer and the Cubex Centre Prague.


The organizer and the Cubex Centre Prague are not liable for the completeness and condition of deliveries and temporarily stored goods. This also applies to possible damages resulting from storage at the Cubex Centre Prague, as long as these damages did not result from intent or negligence on behalf of the Cubex Centre Prague. It is the duty of the sponsor to inspect all deliveries for completeness and condition. If any unmarked goods remain at the Cubex Centre Prague after the end of the event, the Cubex Centre Prague reserves the right to either store these goods or to dispose of them at the owner’s expense.


The sponsor must ensure the intellectual protection of materials, products and services it exhibits (patents, brands, models, etc.) on its own behalf. These measures shall be taken before the presentation of the aforementioned items, as the organizer shall not accept any liability in this regard, in particular in case of litigation involving another sponsor or visitor.


The sponsor acknowledges that the organizer and authorized third parties may record or film, photograph, or make visual or sound recordings (including of the sponsor, without limitations) of the whole or any part of the congress.

The sponsor consents to the use of its image and voice in live or recorded digital or video broadcast or other display or transmission of the aforementioned media for any sort of advertising or documentation purpose.


While the event is taking place, all involved parties on-site shall be subject to the domiciliary right of the Cubex Centre Prague throughout its premises. All directions given by the Cubex Centre Prague representatives must be complied with.


The collection, storage and processing of personal data is unavoidable for the registration and organization purposes of the congress. The sponsor’s data will only be forwarded to third parties that are directly involved in the event procedures and if the organizational agenda requires it (i.e., organizer and directly linked service providers, congress venue, general installer and booth builder for the exhibition).

The sponsor consents to the registration, storage and processing of its data for the organization and handling of the event in accordance with the above requirements.

During the entire duration of ROOTS SUMMIT as well as after the event, the sponsor agrees to maintain strict confidentiality and secrecy toward third parties regarding all procedures, data and agreements. Each party will ensure that all personnel and agents entrusted with tasks and duties, including all procedures in connection with this cooperation, are aware of and adhere to this commitment.


Collateral agreements to the contract or these regulations are only effective if confirmed by the organizer in written form.

Roots International Magazine of Endodontics

Roots international magazine of endodontics will be the official event publication for ROOTS SUMMIT 2020.
Exhibiting partners and sponsor are welcome to use the publication for advertising and clinical content alike. Please note that we advise focussing on educational content.

For more information and pricing, please contact mediasales@dental-tribune.com.

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