I took part in a ROOTS SUMMIT for the first time this year and it was really exciting. It was nice to refresh some of my knowledge and to get to know new topics, especially evidence-based knowledge. I think I will definitely be coming back.

Ilona Budnikova General Dentist, Denmark

The ROOTS SUMMIT was able to bring together dentists from all over the world. I enjoyed the interactive sessions with renowned endodontists. The talks were really interesting, the participation was really good and the event was organized in a wonderful place. It was a pleasure for me to be part of such a well-organized endodontic conference.

Sajad Saiulabdeen Endodontist, Qatar

For me, the ROOTS SUMMIT is a nice platform to meet practitioners from different countries and, at the same time, learn more about new materials and advances in endodontics. Especially, at this ROOTS SUMMIT, I have seen new approaches involving MRI and real-time X-rays for treatment planning and other technologies. And, even more importantly, we have the chance to exchange ideas with others and learn how other practitioners treat certain cases. I am looking forward to attending future ROOTS SUMMITs.

Krishna Chaitanya Chennamaneni Endodontist, Qatar

I think the congress is great. In particular, I like that it is about thinking outside the box. It is also obvious that globalization cannot be stopped. At other meetings I visited in the past, people only spoke English or German, but here you can hear almost every language in the world. My wife already regretted not coming. Next time, we’ll attend together.

Cornelius Feitl General Dentist, Germany

I liked the quality of the speakers and the excellent attention given to me from the administrative side of the organization. I had some trouble with my payment, but the support team helped a lot to fix it quickly. I am waiting for the announcement of the next ROOTS SUMMIT.

Javier Hernandez Endodontist, Saudi Arabia

The ROOTS SUMMIT was a fabulous experience. It is a platform for endodontists from all over the world. It’s a blend of academic knowledge and clinical application advice to take your practice to the next level. The conference and the workshops were amazingly organized and a lot of material was given to the participants, which is not often the case at other educational events. This is my first time at a ROOTS SUMMIT and I will definitely return for the next meeting. I already joined the Facebook group to stay up to date.

Divya Tahiliani Endodontist, United Arab Emirates

This is my second ROOTS SUMMIT. I already attended the meeting in Chennai. I really enjoyed the content of the lectures, how the cases were presented and how the speakers explained all the procedures. The high level of the educational content we are getting is awesome. I am really satisfied coming all the way from Western India. I got really good clinical tips here.

Hetal Buch General Dentist, India

I really enjoyed the ROOTS SUMMIT, because I met a lot of doctors and professors from different countries. I learned a lot about new trends, ideas and mechanical preparation with different rotary files. I benefited a lot from the instructions. I already recommended the event to other people and I am really looking forward to the next edition.

Mohamed Hamdi Abdelaziz Hamimi Morsi Endodontist, Egypt